OciBest® and it’s development

Stressors in daily life are numerous and can arise physically, emotionally, mentally, and a continual flow of stressors combine to create chronic stress, which puts the body at greater risk for the development of myriad illnesses and conditions.

OciBest® is a clinically tested standardized herbal composition derived from Ocimum tenuflorium, and is phytochemically standardized to Ociglycoside 1 (> 0.1% w/w), rosmarinic acid (>0.2% w/w), and triterpene acids (>2.5% w/w). OciBest® is developed to support stress management.

OciBest® Ocimum tenuiflorum
is commonly known as Tulsi
and as Holy Basil

OciBest® Ocimum tenuiflorum
is commonly known as Tulsi
and as Holy Basil

Traditional uses

Throughout India, tulsi is considered a sacred plant that has been traditionally used to remedy numerous ailments, and it is also called ‘the elixir of life’. The beneficial role of tulsi in obesity and diabetes is described in traditional Indian Ayurvedic literature. Tulsi’s medicinal uses have been recorded in Ayurveda, Siddha, Greek-Roman, and Unani medical writings.

In the Hindu culture tulsi is often referred to as ‘the queen of the herbs’, as it is a manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi in botanical form. It has been given such a lofty name due to its known common use in Ayurveda for more than 3000 years to support the body, mind, and also to protect each from stress.

Hindu homeowners grow a tulsi houseplant in front of which a prayer is said and offerings of water and other elements are made every day.

Throughout South Asia tulsi is used widely as a medicinal tea. Traditional healers have relied upon tulsi as an adaptogen, analgesic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.

OciBest®: Human clinical research for stress

Randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical
study on OciBest®



Volunteers suffering from at least three symptoms of stress



1,200 mg per day



At every 2 week interval



158 volunteers
(Age: 18-65 years)



6 weeks



OciBest® showed 1.6 times better effect than placebo in reducing the overall symptoms of stress


Effect of OciBest® on stress symptoms

OciBest®: Pre-clinical research


Outcome: OciBest® improves the ability to cope with stress in animal model

Formulating with OciBest®

OciBest®: Mechanism of action

Research has revealed that OciBest® works through four closely related mechanisms of action, providing strong protective support in times of duress.

Health Benefit :
Supports stress
management, naturally*

600 mg twice per day

OciBest® : Stands for the things that matter to you

OciBest®: Sustainably making a difference at every step

The process of cultivating Ocimum tenuiflorum for OciBest® has always been one that keeps the renewability of resources – including human – at the forefront to sustain quality yields. We minimize our carbon footprint by cultivating mostly with non-fossil fuels and without machinery that uses fossil fuels. We reuse the water used for growing the botanical crop. During manufacturing/processing, most of the power utilized is from hydro and solar energy sources. All the effluents from the manufacturing facility are disposed of responsibly as per statutory norms. We are an ISO14001-certified (environmental management) organization, and our manufacturing facility is surrounded by trees to provide a green belt.

Further, for today’s consumer whose standards are higher than ever – requiring that the companies they support are those that support the earth and ensure safety and transparency, OciBest® is attractive. Consumers will appreciate its clean label attributes – USP compliant for pesticide residue and heavy metals, non-irradiated, NON-GMO Project-verified, and is certified both Kosher and Halal.

OciBest® is manufactured under strict global guidelines of safety and quality control. Its manufacturer, Natural Remedies, has achieved ISO 22000, ISO 9001and OHSAS 18001 certification from Bureau Veritas, is NSF GMP-certified, USFDA inspected.

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